about DMM Solutions & Events

"I dwell in possibility" - Emily Dickinson

Deirdre Moynihan has been organizing events and managing people most of her life starting with an arts & crafts class on the family porch when she was about 8 years old in Burlington, VT.   Throughout her education from grade school through graduate school at Columbia University in New York City,  she was always organizing activities, parties, and leading her colleagues.   She continued in her professional career in professional theater as a producer and fundraiser and then transferred those skills to the nonprofit arena as a fundraiser and executive director.

She is known for not only her creative thinking but her ability to quickly analyze and resolve problems.   She has a strong relationship with event constituents from participants, vendors and sponsors.   Strong verbal and oral communication skills allow her to recruit and retain constituents.

With any DMM Solutions & Event project,  Deirdre brings a strong team of professionals to assist as needed.

Her main job is as a Senior Citizen Sherpa for her mother.  Over the course of the last 3 years, Deirdre has been caretaker for her mother through multiple illnesses and the changes that occur through the aging process.  This has included maneuvering the maze of  Medicare, senior housing, home health aides and a myriad of other issues that are faced by senior citizens and their family.

why choose us

Over the last 10 years I have had the pleasure of working with Deirdre at many different events, camps and meetings. I can attest that Deirdre is a great planner, organizer and marketer of her events and programs. She takes great care in making sure that all participants from sponsors to participants are treated with the utmost respect and professionalism. Deirdre continues to be a great organizer in our cycling community and without her guidance, our great camps and races would not be where they are at today. I would recommend Deirdre for any large scale planning, development, & marketing plans for non profits and for profits alike  - Joe Strandell, Principal Head Coach, Inspired Training Center

Deirdre excels at her job because she is passionate about the cycling community. You can't teach passion. Deirdre's years of experience with bike orgs, rides, races and programs allows her to prepare for the unexpected and keep everyone calm. I have worked with Deirdre as a business colleague and as a volunteer. I would not have put in so much time as a volunteer if Deirdre did not make it fun to talk about bikes. Deirdre is a great project manager because of her ability to bring people together around a certain cause and convey key points and objectives. I enjoy working with and for her and will always make time when she asks me to - Corey Clark, Field Marketing Manager, Nuun & Company

Deirdre is one of the most intelligent people I have ever worked with. She organizes people and things very efficiently so she has the ability to get many tasks done at once. However, even greater than her sharp mind is her incredibly friendly personality! She always puts people first...establishing relationships is paramount for Deirdre; it's obvious when you meet her! And when you meet her again, she will probably remember everything about you because that is just how much each individual means to Deirdre. Her unique balance of organizational and people skills allow her to excel at many jobs, from keeping a non-profit running smoothly to heading a major bike event! - Gabby Robinson, Senior Draftsman, Wong Straugh Architects

I relied on Deirdre to make data driven decisions that resulted in AASHE's most successful conference ever. She was a joy to work with, highly professional and an integral part of our success. - Paul Rowland, President & CEO, Paul Rowland Higher Education Consulting PRHEC