Deirdre is one of the most intelligent people I have ever worked with. She organizes people and things very efficiently so she has the ability to get many tasks done at once. However, even greater than her sharp mind is her incredibly friendly personality! She always puts people first...establishing relationships is paramount for Deirdre; it's obvious when you meet her! And when you meet her again, she will probably remember everything about you because that is just how much each individual means to Deirdre. Her unique balance of organizational and people skills allow her to excel at many jobs, from keeping a non-profit running smoothly to heading a major bike event.

Gabby Robinson, Drafter, T-Rex Architect

Deirdre excels at her job because she is passionate about the cycling community. You can't teach passion. Deirdre's years of experience with bike orgs, rides, races and programs allows her to prepare for the unexpected and keep everyone calm. I have worked with Deirdre as a business colleague and as a volunteer. I would not have put in so much time as a volunteer if Deirdre did not make it fun to talk about bikes. Deirdre is a great project manager because of her ability to bring people together around a certain cause and convey key points and objectives. I enjoy working with and for her and will always make time when she asks me to

Corey Clark, Field Marketing Manager at Nuun & Company

A heartfelt thanks to you for this past weekend organizing the race and congratulations on an amazing day last Saturday. In all the years joining you for the race this year’s was the coolest for a ton of reasons including the big field and the fun VIPs you introduced. My wife and I are grateful to be able to be challenged each year and we are really appreciative.

Skip, 2015 Mt. Evans Hill Climb Participant

Deirdre not only has a positive impact on each individual event in which she is involved, but also on the sport of cycling and the community in general.  Thanks to her efforts, Colorado has become a better place to ride and race bicycles.  She is a fundamental part in the development of junior cycling in the state.  The events that she has organized always are a benefit to the hosting community and most have given back to local charities and organizations.   Deirdre would be an enhancement to any organization that she would be affiliated.


John Shearer, International Sales Manager, Finish Line Technologies